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This is me!! I’m an Intuitive Holistic Coach & Energy Healer

I assist & guide others to discovering their own Personal Power & Freedom!

Random Facts About ME!

Born in San Francisco, raised in Seattle, lived & loved Life in the South of France for 14 years. Living on the Riviera was a dream for me. I loved the sun, the sea, the mix of people, the architecture, the lifestyle, the bread, the wine, the coffee & the chocolate! But in 2016 I started yearning to live in nature and connect with the land, so on 1/1/17 I decided to give away all my possessions and travel the world to find my next place on the planet. So far I have been to Romania, Croatia, Serbia, & Bulgaria, Ireland and I’m currently in London UK. I LOVE eating, hate cooking just for myself! I love having guests at my place. If you don’t know me you will invite me to your place. If you like me you will invited yourself to my place and if you love me you will come and cook for me at my place!! I hate being called Mel if you must shorten my name please call me ME. I eat a lot of coconut oil, milk & flour, as well as cocoa butter & powder, full fat cream, butter, avocados. I love dietary FAT! I’m learning to like veggies. Believe Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar & Coconut Oil can cure everything and that vinegar is the magic clearer of all things dirty, except minds!! I love kids because I am one!! My motto is “I’m a 5 year old with 45 years experience!” Early to bed early to rise! I have taken care of & taught children all over the world!! I’m still in touch with some of them. I love taking long drives, Calla Lilies flowers, !!!!!’s, my bed!, being home alone, beautiful views of Mountains, Seas, Rivers, Trees, Paths, if it’s beautiful, I’ll stare at it. I LOVE dancing, laughing, relaxed traveling, movies, & learning new languages. Extremely practical gift giver. Very Handy, Love DIY, make my own mayo, pesto, salad dressing, cleaning products, room sprays, toothpaste, deodorant, hair gel, hair & body oils, sugar scrubs, ointments, dish & laundry soap. I love my body, curves & curls but I hate 3 things, that my finger nails seem to grow dirt, when I blow my nose it sounds like I’m trying to play a trumpet (my big brother thought me that) and I make pig noises to scratch my throat and sometimes for no reason at all! But all in all I LOVE ME!! Had a black thumb, but I’m changing it to green. Dream of sailing on the WHY boat. Single & loving it but I’m also open to the arrival of the KING! I speak English, French & a bit of German, I understand a little and I’d like to learn more Italian, Russian & Arabic & improve my Spanish. Favorite color is brown then blue then yellow! I hate Pink but love Pink Flamingos! I love to be silly & make people laugh but I’m also very analytical, so sometimes I miss the joke. Have a horrible habit of saying things with a double meaning and sharing TMI (Like right now). Do not watch TV~ish. Never listen to the news! Learning to sew and wish I made time for knitting. Proud member of the Crossfit Cult! Good at all sports. Naturally strong. No pets. Love all kinds of music! Sing like a Diva! I’m an Entrepreneur, Jill of all Trades, master of many. Honest, open, & dependable to a fault. People say I’m nice, I say they like what I am saying! Motto: “If you don’t want the truth, then don’t ask ME!” Use to be very stubborn & opinionated, now I’m more allowing, accepting & approving of people being people… sometimes, but I’m still fully self expressed! People either love or hate me, no in between. Was depressed for 2 years after a miscarriage and a break-up!! Rather then taking drugs I did the Insanity workout & that took care of the depression! Luckily! I’m both fit & fat but that is changing! Got fat to rebel against my mom! That worked! Then again it didn’t! Sugar & Chocolate addict until the “I Quit Sugar Chocolate Cookbook” came into my life. Sugar-free-ish> Grain-free-ish> LCHF> Paleo> Bulletproof> JERF> Keto> Body by Science> Tabata> Crossift  is the path I’m taking to being in the best shape of my life. I’m on a journey & I’m excited & open to all that’s awaiting me on my path! I love the life I’m living, & I’m committed to EMPOWERING people to live a life they LOVE!!

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What Clients Say About Me & My Coaching!

Ciara D.

Melanie’s style of coaching allows you to coach when you need it. I first started coaching with Melanie a couple of years ago when I was feeling at a loss as to where my life was heading. I was in a job I hated, constantly broke and unlucky in love. Melanie’s honest approach put me at ease right from the beginning and with her encouragement and belief in me I was able to start searching for the belief I desperately needed in myself. The belief that I held the power to change my own life, that I could be in control of my future and allow the universe to provide all that I needed. Melanie helped me pick several mantras that were personal to me and motivated me to say these out loud several times a day as a means of channeling new positive thoughts to replace the damaging, negative and self sabotaging thoughts that had become my normal way of thinking.  Having Melanie as a source of regular and reliable support was crucial to my ability to reclaim control of my own life. I never felt alone and yet I was empowered and achieving the steps towards my goals all by myself.

Two years on I am training for my dream job, financially stable and in a loving relationship. I know I achieved these things myself but without the support and motivation of a coach like Melanie, I’m not sure I would have known where to start!

Ciara D.London, UK
Angela I.

Melanie has been a tremendous help to me in the short time I have known her. I had never worked with a life coach before, and I really didn’t know what to expect. With a “figure it out yourself” mentality, I was hesitant and unsure how she could help.

A year after changing careers I was having serious doubts and contemplating returning to corporate life, although it wasn’t what I wanted to do. Feeling stuck and uncertain, I decided I had nothing to lose by seeking her perspective. I felt very comfortable with Melanie right away. She has a very warm and engaging personality. Melanie’s intuition was that I should stay on the new path. Through her coaching I was able to begin working through a limiting belief that was holding me back from being successful in my new career. The best part is that I now have inner peace and confidence about my decision. I can still learn more from her and I’m excited to continue working on becoming the best possible version of myself.

Some of the benefits you’ll get from coaching with Melanie are, you can learn from her experience and tactics for living a stress-free and spiritual life, she has a very strong intuition, which can help connect you to your personal truth. You can laugh and cry in the same session, and come away feeling better (and stronger) for it.
I would highly recommend Melanie as a life coach for anyone, regardless of where you are in life. I’m confident her knowledge and skills would enrich anyone’s life.

Angela I.American Expat Living in France
Bilyana G

Melanie’s coaching style is direct and will work best with someone who is either very direct themselves or highly motivated. She recognizes when I’m bullshitting myself and sometimes repeats it back to me using my own words until I recognize and realize what I’ve said or done. Sometimes I get it right away, sometimes I have to sit by myself and think about it. When I do get it, I have that painful “aha” moment every time! But then I’m able to move forward and experience a better version of myself. IF you are motivated to change your life and would like fast and lasting results I definitely recommend coaching with Melanie.
Thank you Melanie!

Bilyana GLes Moneghetti Monaco

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